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Wildfire 2.4.3 RPM install Process Overwrites conf/wildfire.xml

The install process for Wildfire 2.4.3 overwrote the conf/wildfire.xml without making a backup copy that I can find… I had to repeat the a good bit of the Install process.

I am concern that other customizaton might have been lost.

  • Feature/Change Request **

Always backup of any configuration data before changing/overlaying in an upgrade process. Perhaps, a “backup” directory to keep “before” copies of all configure file changes.

Perhaps a third state “” to trigger a upgrade during start that will lead the “admin” account through a update process.


Hmmm… the installer is supposed to ask you if you want to overwrite that file. Did it present the option?




i didn’'t upgrade to 2.4.3, but the upgrade process 2.4.1 to 2.4.2 overwrites my conf/wildfire.xml

Thx for your works !



Nope, no dialog at all… “rpm -Uvh wildfire_2_4_3.rpm” to up 2.4.2 to 2.4.3 when I opened

http://{my-ip-addr}:9090/ strait into setup. I look in conf/wildfire.xml and it appeared to be the

install copy. I might have run bin/extra/redhat-postinstall.sh before opening the URL but I

think that I did it afterwards (Thinking the entry into setup was a permission issue with a

file or dir).

Here is the md5 of the rpm:

MD5 (wildfire_2_4_3.rpm) = edd560d781b11e80a8209a9107b9c1e7

This must be a difference between the RPM and Windows EXE. I’'m going to try a different setting in the installer tool to see if I can work around the issue. Would you be willing to try a new RPM to see if it resolves the issue once I build it?



Sure, no problem with giving it a test.

IMHO, lots of rpm activity is done without much human interaction ( I am at this moment doing a yum update that is refreshing 378 rpm packages on one of my systems ) and a RPM post install process with prompts is troublesome.

I can test it

like rustyallen, I use yum to update wildfire

is it possible in the update process to re-run the redhat-postinstall.sh automatiquely ?

because after the update, the owners are root/root instead of wildfire/wildfire



Any updates on this change to the installation RPM? I’'ve just been backing up the wildfire.xml file manually.


I made the change in the installer but it doesn’‘t seem to work with the RPM in our testing. Since we’‘re using a tool to automatically build the RPM, I’‘m a bit stumped. I’'m going to email the tool vendor to find out if this is a known issue.