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Wildfire 2.4.4 Install Issue

I just upgraded from 2.4.3 to 2.4.4 and was happy to see that the wildfire.xml file wasn’'t overwritten this time. However, I ran into another issue I hope you can fix in future versions.

When you run the MSI install, it uninstalls the previous version. The uninstall apparently deletes the entire contents of the lib directory. I had the (3) Microsoft JDBC SQL libraries in there as recommended and they were deleted. Of course, once the auto-uninstall completed, it then did the 2.4.4 install, and when I launched wildfire it gave me errors about not finding those libraries.

Can you change the uninstall to specifically delete the lib files you install and leave any site installed libs? Alternatively, can you recommend a different spot to place non-wildfire JAR files that will still be loaded but not removed/modified by your install/uninstall programs?



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We hadn’'t thought of this issue before. Unfortunately, we have to wipe out all the JAR files to clean up after the .pack files that are in the installer (to make the installers smaller). Two ideas:

  1. We ship the JTDS driver for SQL Server, which you could use. It should work great.

  2. Put the driver into your Java classpath.