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Wildfire 2.4 - Works, but no sessions?

I just upgraded to 2.4 from 2.2 and after playing with the new config file a bit I managed to get the thing running (really not sure how…). In fact, its working over our VPN with presence and all, which is great so I’‘m happy that way. However, the web admin isn’‘t showing any of the users as ‘‘online’’ and under the sessions section, there are none. I have 15 people logged in and messaging so I know its working, and groups are working as well. I’'m just curious to know if this is a known problem?


Hey Thomas,

Is it possible that the old server is still running and people are connected to the old server?


– Gato


Its not too likely as the web interface reports being 2.4, features that didn’‘t work before now work (presence through vpn, etc), and I for sanity’‘s sake manually stopped the messenger service then started the wildfire service. I should note that I’'m running Wildfire on FC4.