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WIldfire 2.6.0 beta and Neos

Users running Neos are reporting that they are receiving socket errors, and being disconnected. I am recieving a TON of this error message in the error.log

2006.04.06 13:44:49 org.jivesoftware.wildfire.ldap.LdapUserProvider.getUsers(LdapUserProvider.java:1 80)


Hey Jeff,

Could you paste the entire stack trace of the error? The line 180 seems to belong to an old version (not the one we are actually releasing).


– Gato

this is my 2.6.0 beta 032906 nightly build. that is the one it is running. You want this log? or another one. and if so can I PM them, has account names in it.

I have another question, why is my stderror.log at 1.1 GB? After only 3 days of real testing…

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Message was edited by: jeff_garner

Hey Jeff,

Send me your log files to my email account. I will check them and get back to you soon.


– Gato

I have the same problem sometimes, but no solution.

Another problem: Neos is deconnected after few time and i don’'t know why.

Wildifire is installed on my server wich is on my lan and I can’'t use a proxy in Neos. For user out of my lan this problem seems to not appear.

A new Neos is preparing.

PS: Sorry for my poor english.

Sorry I didn;t get back to you on this Gato. i am going to do the upgrade to nightlies today and if that fixes my LDAP problem I will concentrate on the Neos problem. It seems a little silly to be looking into Neos if I have more serious problems.


Neos is deconnected after few time

after 30 mins. This is a default value for closing idle sessions. Probably neos has some problems with heartbeats function or like. I’'ve send feedback on this to neos developers some time ago. Meanwhile you can try setting xmpp.client.idle property to -1. You have to create that property.