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Wildfire 2.6.2 + MSSQL <> Stability

I’‘ve been trying to get a Jive/Wildfire IM server running for my company since Jive 2.2.2 and can not get a stable/consistent server running. Currently I’'m running Wildfire 2.6.2 on MSSQL 2003 on a Quad Xeon, 4Gb mem, 320Gb HD. I have plent of horsepower and I only have about 200 users.


Randomly clients login and get authenticated but the roster shows no one is online. But when I login to the Admin console it shows all the users are online. We are using Exodus

Typically the temporary fix is to shutdown the Wildfire services, restart and then users can get back online and rosters show correct. Then randomly the issue starts all over again.

Are there any custom settings I can use to help improve the performance? Any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!!


Hi Bill,

did you modify the vmoptions file (Xms and Xmx)? I wonder if you see on page /index.jsp 64 MB memory and 90% used. It would be good to know that this is not the case.