Wildfire 3.1.0 Beta 2 group visabilty

HI, just seen the new beta release and have upgraded from 3.0. This was mainly for the presence fix.

I’'m using AD search for the users and groups, loggin in to the admin web front end to toggle visabilty on rosters.

I’'ve copied in my working wildfire.xml, however now, no groups are shown, neither in the roste on the the client nor in the web admin interface.

However, if you search the groups, it does find the group, by saying , 1 group found etc, however the actual group is not disaplyed below.

my wildfire.xml is below, maybe something has changed and i’'ve missed it.



cat wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml




I had the same issue, but i was able to fix it by removing the “(member=)” from the groupsearchfilter. Give it a try.

ah no it didnt but was enough to set me in the right direction… changed “(member=)” to “(name=)”

and all is well, groups are back, can see them login/out in real time… wild fire is rocking!