Wildfire 3.2.0 RC 2 has been released

We are pleased to announce the second and last release candidate of Wildfire 3.2.0 and Wildfire Enterprise 3.2.0. The list of fixes and new features is getting smaller now. The quality of this RC is practically the same as of the final release. Detailed information about the changes can be found in the (REMOVED). Feedback can be posted in this forum.

You can download the new release candidate from the following links:


Plugins that need to be updated are:


List of new plugins:

statistic.jar (attached in message)

Wildfire Enterprise

A release candidate of Wildfire Enterprise 3.2 has also been released. Wildfire Enterprise 3.2.0 includes new exciting features such as SIP phone management. Moreover, Wildfire Enterprise 3.1 or older is no longer compatible with Wildfire 3.2.0.


Connection Manager



Wildfire Team

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Well since no one has replied ;D I’‘ll be the first to say, looks good! Haven’'t run into a single problem yet!

I concur … it seems pretty darn stable to me.

I’‘m not pushing it hard, of course, but it’'s doing the job I need.


It’'s also now working correctly with XIFF 2. Great work!

Hi… I’'m working with wildfire, jwchat and HTTPBIND v0.3 servlet and my idea is working with wildfire httpbind. The problem is that Jwchat needs httpbind in the same port of jwchat… My question is… where could I copy the jwchat directory to run in the mini webserver wich run wildfire httpbind??

I’'ve got jwchat working fine in a separate apache server (actually, on a separate machine).

I added the following to the virtual host specification in my apache config …

ProxyRequests off

ProxyVia off

ProxyPass /http-bind/ http://wildfire.example.com:wf-httpbindport/http-bind/

ProxyPassReverse /http-bind/ http://wildfire.example.com:wf-httpbindport/http-bind/


Wildfire install httpbind in the following location http://mywildfireserver:wifiport/

Is it posible to change this configuration??

Change it how?

Change the port? That’'s easy. Use the admin console “Http Bind” section to change the port.


wildfire dont put the httpbind servlet in a folder… the URL is http://wildfireserver:httpbindport/ and not http://wildfireserver:httpbindport/http-bind/

The URL for http-bind access is http://wildfire.example.com:wf-httpbindport/http-bind/

I know this works fine. I’'ve used it with jwchat (see my previous post).


The Http-binding servlet should be running at http://wildfireserver:port/http-bind/

If you want to run JWChat without the redirects you can drop the appropriate files in /resources/spank under your wildfire directory. Hope that helps.


And how would you reference the files droped in the /resources/spank directory?

If I goto http://wildfire.example.com/spank/index.html, I get a 404.



remove the http-bind and you have access to those files in that directory for instance if you added an index.htm:


Let me know how it goes,


No… If I access to http://wildfireserver:httpbindport/http-bind/ I recieve a 404 error… my wildfire http-bind is running in my wildfire server root: http://wildfireserver:httpbindport/

sifm: are you using the latest 3.2.0 RC 2?

sorry… It was my mistake… http://wildfireserver:httpbindport/http-bind/ gave me a 405 error…

then I configure jwchat to use wildfire httpbind but when I log into jabber it give me a 400 error…

Any Ideas??

Oops, sorry, my bad.

I was trying to use the admin console port, not the http bind port.

Anyway to get the wildfire to do something like Apache’'s MultiView functionality, where the browsers language is used to figure out what html file to load?

Otherwise, works pretty good.

I did notice, however, that it doesn’'t like symlinks … when I had the language specific html files symlinked to a plain “.html”, I got the following in the log:

106205307 WARN org.mortbay.log - Aliased resource: file:/usr/local/wildfire/resources/spank/index.htm==file:/usr/local/wildfire/re sources/spank/index.html.en


I am not familiar with JWChat so someone else who is must help you from here


thanks a lot for a quick answer…