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Wildfire 3.2.2 keeps showing initial Setup Screen

I have a problem with my Wildfire 3.2.2. After restarting it, now it is presenting me the inicial setup window with the following error message:

Wildfire Setup

Error: Can not proceed with Wildfire Setup.

Your current installation fails to meet minimum Wildfire requirements - please see the checklist below:

At least JDK 1.5

Servlet 2.3 Support

JSP 1.2 Support

Wildfire Classes

Home not found. Define system property “wildfireHome” or create and add the wildfire_init.xml file to the classpath

I am running it on Fedora Core 3.

Any advice will be appreciated.


it’'s the start script which fails to locate wildfireHome. It may help to change the user to the one which is in your setup normaly running Wildfire (jive ?) and change into the wildfire/bin directory (cd /opt/wildfire/bin ?) and start there Openfire with the start script.

If this fails you may want to try the small start script offered here: http://wiki.igniterealtime.org/display/WILDFIRE/LinuxInstallationGuide#LinuxInstallationGuide-WildfireStartScript

You need to modify the path, etc. to suit your installation if you want to use it.