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Wildfire 3.2.2, Psi - file transfer proxy issue

Hi, I have set up W2003 installation of wildfire with SQL2005 DB and AD LDAP as user source. I am testing Psi 0.11 beta 5 as client. Psi have enforced data proxy for file transfer (port is set as 0) because it will be used on terminal server. But I am unable to get it working. Still error with connection. Psi have set “proxy.myservername” as data transfer proxy and Wildfire have “xmpp.proxy.externalip” property present as “myservername”. I have absolutely no idea where can be the problem

Can you anybody help me? Thanks


Hi, I have found that file transfer is not working as long as the xmpp domain is different from FQDN of wildfire server (although Psi client is connecting to fqdn of server and proxy is set up as proxy.fqdn_of_server and only xmpp domain is different from fqdn).

Is there some way to workaround this issue? fqdn of server isn’'t so friendly for xmpp domain.