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Wildfire 3.2.3 released

Wildfire 3.2.3 has been released. The new release includes updated versions of the Enterprise plugin and the connection manager module. This is mainly a bug fixing release with several important bug fixes. A critical error in http binding has been fixed, DoS attack fixed and Pandion with TLS is back again working.

Download Wildfire from here. The full change log can be found here.

Remember to read the Wildfire upgrade guide to make sure that the upgrade process is complete.

Wildfire Enterprise 3.2.3 can be downloaded from the plugins page. Remember to read the Update guide to make sure that the upgrade process is complete.


Wildfire Team

probably the first time i first installed new version on production server and only going to install it at home after quick check it seems to work ok so far

wonder, why there is no message about new version when i login to the Admin Console? BTW, you could add similar messages for installed plugins, cause i go to Plugins tab so rarely.

Hey Sir Wroot,

Openfire will check for updates every 48 hours. You can force an update though by clicking on the Update Now link in the available plugins page.


– Gato

I know that. But i just dont get to the Plugins page usually. So it could be useful to see a message “Broadcast plugin new version is available now” just like abot new Openfire version on Server page

Gotcha. I agree that it would be helpful to see a message indicating that there are new plugin updates available. Thanks for the feature request.

– Gato

nice … it took me 10minutes for the upgrade process… did i ever say that i love wild… pardon openfire

but Forums shoulf be prepared for dozens of “OMG, its not working” posts after looking simple name change


That is exactly the reason we decided to keep the 3.2 series with Wildfire and go ahead with the new change for the 3.3 series. It is not only a matter of changing strings (i.e. texts) but also renaming scripts and packages. Openfire 3.3.0 will break compatibility with existing plugins thus require all existing plugins to be updated. We will provide an upgrade guide to make the update as smooth as possible. Having said that, Openfire 3.3.0 Alpha/Beta will be out next week.


– Gato

oh, next week. i hope to move to Openfire before my vacation But i dont really see any difference between 3.3.0 and say 3.2.4 number for change. Especially if you are planning beta for the next week.