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Wildfire 3.2 Windows service throws error 1067 when stopping

I’‘m having several problems with Wildfire 3.2. All of them have already been reported on this forum, so I’‘ll just report the one I haven’'t seen here yet.

Running on Windows 2000 Server, the Wildfire 3.2 service starts fine, but when I try to stop it, I get this error from the MMC: “Could not stop the Wildfire service on Local Computer. Error 1067: The process terminated unexpectedly.”

Because of the other issues I encountered when I upgraded from 3.1, I uninstalled everything and did a clean install of 3.2, but this error still occurs when I try to stop the service. For the record, the service does actually stop, just not (apparently) in a way that the MMC expects or understands.



Installed 3.2.3, uninstalled the service, installed the service. Still get this error. Any ideas? Anyone?

At me the same problem with Openfire 3.3.1.

What to do?


I guess that the most easy thing is to ignore this error. I’‘m not sure how often you stop Openfire, maybe only once a week to reboot after installing security patches. Openfire itself stores no data (unless you are using the embedded database), so there’‘s little bad which can happen even if the server crashes. The log files may get corrupted with incomplete XML data but that’'s afaik all.


It would be all the same quite good to correct this bug.

I use the embedded database!