Wildfire Active Directory Integrated

Hi, I’‘m running a wildfire 3.0.1 server on a Fedora C5 distro integrated with Windows Active Directory and it’'s working fine.

The fact is that I need to grant external access to our server and I’'m having some problems…

I have an ADSL Router modem that makes NAT for the entire internal network and then an Iptables firewall.

The problem is that I need to open (on the ADSL modem config) a NAT rule redirecting some ports to the wildfire server (ports 5222,5223, 389). But it does not work. The client only authenticates when I open the SSL port too (443). Just remembering that i’'ve opend up all the necessary ports on the Iptables too.

The fact is that I have a Web server that needs the port 443 to be redirected to it, and I can’'t redirect this port to two different IPs (web server AND wildfire server).

The question:

Why I need to open the SSL port for the Wildfire server?

Is there a way to change this port?