Wildfire + already signed certificates

Hi, I’'m unsure how to proceed with following setup:

I have server czchols021.prg-dc.dhl.com where wildfire is running.

There is CNAME jabber.telecom.dhl.com pointer to this machine (I want users to sign there).

I have already generated certificate (used for www) as server.key (containing private key) and server.crt (signed by our CA), both for czchols021.prg-dc.dhl.com.

I do not know how to import this into Wildfire since first step in Guide is to generate new CSR and I already have this done. Also can I have such a setup?

After some more searching, there is tool called keyman from IBM which should be able to do that. However I found it easier to generate new cert for wildfire. But I was lost again with:

Caused by: javax.net.ssl.SSLHandshakeException: no cipher suites in common

exeptions in log. This was solved by havin DSA and RSA versions. Can you update your SSL Guide so users are aware next time (when I was hitting issues and seraching for solutions, I’'ve noticed I was not the only one)?

Thanks, my wildfire is now LDAP powered with automatic groups and TLS encryption. Whoa, users will be happy.