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WildFire and ISA 2004 Firewall and VPN


We’'re testing WildFire. Its installed on our lan and working well for lan clients.

However, our VPN users can login into our LAN no problem and can run everythin as if they were in the office BUT they can’'t connect to WildFire using Spark. In my oppinion, this is a firewall issue so my open question to the community is:

“Do any of you have a similar configuration, and if so, what ports and protocols did you have to open up on the firewall ?”

Many thanks in advance…


Spark connects to Wildfire port 5222 - this is the only one you need to open for IM. If you want to use also the proxy open also port 7777.


In the admin console on the Server Settings page, it will tell you what ports Wildfire is listening too. The defaults are:

5222 and 5223 (for client connections)

5266 (for server connections)

Additionally, in the “File Transfer Settings” will show what port you are listening on for the File Transfer Proxy (7777 by default).

Then the only thing left is if you want to access the admin console, which by default uses port 9090 and 9091

how about firewall port opened for media proxy ( voice chat ) ???