Wildfire and PSI - ICQ Accounts - how does it work?

Hello There !

I use wildfire for server and psi for client,

Psi can use ICQ Contacts and i want to add my complete list to psi.

But it wont work, i think the problem is that wildfire cant use/forward or whatever to icq network ?

Is there a plugin available ? Gateway ? Or how does it work ?

Im Sorry, i dont understand what i hve to do to make it working, there is no documentation about it

or i cant find it, if anyone have an link, please post it.


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My guess is that your Wildfire doesn’'t run any gateway/transport. Afaik, the ICQ and other gateways will be available as part of Wildfire in the upcoming release of version 3.1. In the mean time, you might want to try http://pyicq-t.jabberstudio.org/ to run as external component.