Wildfire and simple workflow/todo plugin?


I’'ve just wonder is it any plugin to collect user chat messages in ones to-do list?

Very often I’'ve received a messages from other users that required from me to do something and to remmeber that I just not close the chat window until that done.

It would be very nice to collect that message (suppose by clicking on the and To TO-DO list) and viewing the TO-DO list from chat programm.

I don’'t thing there is such a plugin.

I guess this would require integration to MSExchange if you are talking about outlooks todo.

It would also require a wildfire and/or a spark plugin to mark a message as a todo.


Hi zoer,

Conor is right in that there aren’'t any Wildfire plugins that accomplish this sort of thing but in Spark you can use “Ctrl + F5” to create/edit a Task list or “Ctrl + F6” to open up a simple Notes editor.

Hope that helps,