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Wildfire auto regulation?


We are working on a wildfire plugin. Our goal is to make the serveur autonomic(auto regulate himself).

For that we developped lot of functionnal probes. Then we implemented a auto regulation prototype (that

closes connections …etc).

We wanted to know if wildfire has already some autonomic aspects (ex: refusing packets from a user if it exceds some lenght, or regulating its use of memory) and if so in where it does it?

We wanted to know also the size of the packets send be users to the server. We havent found something like a size of a Packet in the wildfire_2.6.2 API(we have to work with it): somtheing that gives you a lenght by kilo bytes for instance.



I don’'t think I understand all of your question, but you can create plugins which can reject packets based on any criteria you want.

To find the size of a packet, I’'d use Packet.toXML().length()