Wildfire Backups

Hello guys,

I trying Wildfire 3.1.0 for Windows and it runs great. I’'m looking at the documentation but i have not found any documentation about backups.

I want to use it for about 300 users. Actually i want to backup all the user definitions and groups in case the server will be down for any reason. It will be so painful create all the users and groups again.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.

Hi Diego,

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Wildfire stores those information in a database. Backing up the corresponding tables in the database using direct SQL seems to be a good choice for you.

I’'m using the defautl HSQL, how can i do that?



Look at here perhaps it helps !




Thank you!!!

I will do it.

Thanks again.


you don’'t need to stop Wildfire to make a backup.


http://www.hsqldb.org/doc/guide/ch05.html#N10F02 reads “The files can be backed up while the engine is running but care should be taken that a CHECKPOINT or SHUTDOWN operation does not take place during the backup.