Wildfire does not remain connected on server

I am new to Wildfire (< 6 hours of running Wildfire and Spark). Our company is looking for a new EIM and this looks like a good start for us. Set up was easy and I’'m testing the utility with a few employees prior to distributing to all of our employees.

I’'ve run into one difficulty however and that is after a certain period of time 45 minutes - 1 hour, our Spark connections are closed and it appears that Wildfire that was running on the server was closed. Spark works again when I reinitiate (reconnect) Wildfire on the server.

2 questions:

1 - Once open on the server should Wildfire remain running?

2 - Why is Wildfire apparently shutting down on the server?

Any help for the new customer would be must appreciated.


After you have started Wildfire, it should not close automatically. You are saying that “it appears that Wildfire was closed” - How exactly did you find out? Did the webadmin pages disappear? Did the java process that runs Wildfire quit?

You may want to check the logs that Wildfire generates, there could be useful information in them. You can view the logs either through the webadmin panel ( http://localhost:9090/ on the server that is running Wildfire), or in the wildfire/log/ directory.

This is all that I know:

  1. I log into the server via remote desktop and double click on the Wildfire icon to start the program.

  2. I minimize the window (I do not press STOP or QUIT, I just minimize the window).

  3. I close remote desktopp.

  4. I connect to the server on my laptop and launch Spark.

  5. I am connected to Spark and then approximately 45 - 1 hour later my Spark connection is lost.

  6. I log back in to the server via remote desktop and notice that the “lightbulb” in the bottom right hand corner of my screen (Wildfire) is no longer there.

  7. I restart Wildfire and it connects.

  8. I log off remote desktop and my Spark connection is up again.

I’'ll see how the program responds today and see if I can interpret any of the logs, but does this information help any?



Hi Bryan,

if you run Wildfire in foreground and not as a Windows service then please read the documentation on how to setup this up, it’'s quite easy.

I assume that Windows closes your locked session after one hour and this terminates any process you started in foreground.


Great! I think that worked. I appreaciate your help!