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Wildfire + Eclipse + WinXP woes

I am trying to compile wildfire 2.5.1 on windows xp in eclipse. after opening build.xml in the ant viewer i see the following error :

taskdef class com.install4j.Install4JTask cannot be found

doubleclicking on “all” to build the source gives the error from Java Virtual Machine launcher that the “main class could not be found. the program will exit”. the same source compiles without any problem in linux.

please help me.


did you try the nightly source? I see no problems doing this with Eclipse/WinXP and the normal source release (2.5.1), you probably did already read Building Wildfire with Ant or Eclipse[/url] - unfortunately I have no idea about the com.install4j.Install4JTask class.


I come across the same problem when I build Openfire 3.5.1 with ant 1.7eclipse 3.3jdk 1.6+Win XP.

And can anyone help me? Thank you very much.

Call me crazy but why go to all the trouble to compile when you can just download it already compiled.

I compiled the openfire 3.5.1 source successfully with eclipse and jdk1.6 on winxp. You should add all libs in “build” directory. If you want to run openfire in eclipse you should add extra libs in “target/openfire/libs”.


** OpenFire + Eclipse(Kepler) **

** Having issue in build.xml file**

<taskdef name=“install4j”



taskdef class com.install4j.Install4JTask cannot be found


You need to BUY Install4J and install it first