Wildfire & Flash Integration

Hi all,

I am New to WildFire. Just now i have started to Learn about WildFire. Can anyone Help me how to Start with WildFire. I have installed the WildFire Server in my Machine. And configured Successfully. Everything is Fine. But i don’'t know How to use the Wild Fire in My Flash.

I would like to Develop a Audio-Video Chat or simply a Text chat using WildFire and Flash Combination. Is it possible. If yes. Can any one Guide me where can i get This kind of information and how to call WildFire Functions inside the Flash… Please…


did you take a look at the XIFF API or forum?

There’'s also a red5 plugin which allows audio/video using flash.

So there’‘s probably everything available you’'re looking for.



After posting to this forum only i Come to know about That XIFF API.

Now i get connected with WildFire.

One Doubt in Chat Message


chatRoom = new Room(_root.connection);

chatRoom.roomName = “myRoom”;

chatRoom.nickname = “dev”;

chatRoom.password = “password”;

chatRoom.conferenceServer = “aiche018”;



send_btn.onPress = function() {




Is it correct to send Chat Message?

just i would like to send Message to All connected User or to a Group…

Thank you verymuch