Wildfire Freebsd


Has anyone got a howto or got wildfire working on freebsd? I have used this on redhat and loved it, it worked well and is just what I need, I have freebsd servers that I can use for this and would rather not use redhat.

I have tired to run it but get a error saying its outputted info the nohup.out but the file looks empty.

Any help would be great!!

Many Thanks



the start script uses “nohup” to launch Wildfire, and there you’‘ll just find messages of the JVM which were not redirected. So if you see there an error message please post it. You’‘ll need to check your log files in logs/ to see what’'s going on.

I assume that “sh -x ./wildfire start” does also run fine on freebsd and displays what is done during the execution of the script, it would allow you to see if there are some problems but I don’'t think so right now.



Many Thanks for this, This is so simple!! all you have to do is run that script and go to 9090!!

Many thanks for a wicked jabber server!! keep the hard work up!