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Wildfire IM Appliance

Hello all,

I am pursuing the idea of bringing a Wildfire IM Appliance to market.

This appliance will be a 1U rackmount / tabletop unit with integrated LCD realtime display which shows system cpu utilization, memory useage, swap file usage, system idle, etc.

It will be a true plug and play device preconfigured for your network (you supply the IP information).

It will be CentOS-based for stability.

It will be a commercial product with full support 24/7/365.

It would be reasonably priced.

I would also offer installation services (throughout central / south Florida, where I’'m based)

This is not vaporware. I have this product now.

It is stable and could be released within 60 days.

I am throwing out this idea to gauge your response, so please feel free to provide feedback.



There is what the Wildfire IM Appliance looks like:

It can either be mounted as a standard 1U appliance in a 19" rack (2 or 4 post).

It can also be converted to a tabletop / shelftop model by removing the rackmount front mounts and attaching the four rubber ‘‘feet’’ (provided).