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Wildfire + JWChat

Hello Guys! A long time ago, i found any document or tutorial discribe the steps to sucessfull installation of Wildfire and JWChat. I using Windows 2000 server and client Spark. It Works 100% but JWChat nos show error but not works. I installed Apache, Tomcat, any other programs but not solved.

Any idea or configuration to JWChat works?


Hi mcarmello

It might probably be the thread that I have posted. I have it working but there are some bugs and you need to have a lot of knowledge in .css, tomcat and apache configuration. In the begining, I thought that everythings is working fine but somehow after some windows update (I believe), I have an issue with IE (hate it but can’'t avoid it) not showing some button. Jwchat has an issue with a poor support (because there is only one developer, the reason is justified). My suggestion would be to request (bug?) the spark developer to release a tomcat deployable spark which can run via browser with java web start using .jnpl. The following is the thread where you can find more information about it. Please put in the request there so that the developer will be serious about it.

http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=16573&start=30&tstart =0



Hi Marcos,

I don’‘t know about your setup, I’‘m running Java 150_06 + Tomcat + wildfire.war + jwchat.war without Apache, but more as a proof of concept than as an official installation. We did also use an Apache+mod_proxy listening on port 80 to proxy to Tomcat:8080 but it’'s currently switched off. We usually use Firefox and not IE.

May it be a client (IE) problem as wmhtet said?

Can you give more details about your installation?


The new Beta2 version of JWCHAT is almost plug and play and works very well with apache and tomcat 5.5. Just drop the war file in tomcat webapps folder (you may want to rename the war file as jwchat.war or something easier to type…and drop it) and then access the appropriate URL.