Wildfire + ldap showing only 1000 users

in my configuration…

wildfire 2.6.2 + ldap is showing only 1000 users…

actully i am having more then 2400 users…

why this difference…?

please help…

also through any client users cant add the contact in roster eachother

any problem with wildifre + ldap?



What ldap server are you using? Some ldap servers can limit the number of results in a query by default.

I’‘m using AD. I only get 1000 entries in the user summary page. that’'s a default of AD. but i can query a user no problem. my example user was one whose username starts with a ‘‘y’’. i just queried for it and it found it. so you are probably not having a problem

Yep, idl3mind is correct. Active Directory can only return 1000 users from a query which is why you’‘re seeing that many. I haven’'t been able to find a workaround yet. This will only affect the UI in the admin console, though – all users should be able to use the service.



is there anyway to sync a OpenLDAP database off of your AD tree then use that for authentication. All 3700 of my users show for Linux using eDir…


This worked for me and I had the same issue with AD.

Open ADSIEdit on a domain controller, right click on the tool and choose Connect To

Under “Select a well known Naming Context” select CONFIGURATION and hit OK

Navigate down through Configuration – Services --Windows NT – Directory Service – Query Policies

In the right pane, right click on CN=Default Query Policy and choose properties

find lDAPAdminLimits, highlight and click Edit

HIghlight MaxPageSize=1000 and choose Remove, modify it now in the line to something like 3000 and click Add then OK

Close out of ADSIEdit.

Effect is immediate.

This is something you definitely don’‘t want to do - it can lead to a performance problems with AD. Besides, changing the value could help you one time, but then there’'s always another search that would require to change the value again.

There is a solution, but it should be implemented into the application code. The query should be done with using a RFC 2698 standard LDAP paged search.