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Wildfire / Live Website Help

We have all our employees using Spark / Wildfire for inner office communication, but I was wondering if there was a way to use Wildfire to offer “Live Help” / “Live Chat” on our website for potential customers.

I think it would be beneficial for visitors to our website to be able to ask a quick question about our company without having to send an email to pick up the phone.


The functionality is available in via their Enterprise (licensed) verstion. The option is called FastPath. We (not jive) use it in our organization and like it. It supports multiple groups and queues. A Group could be sales versus technical support and and queues could be something like Level 1,2,3, etc. (for tech support.)

We use a Support queue for sales/customer service on our public internet and then we also have links setup to an internal technical support queue that people within our organization can click on a link (within our intranet application) to get routed into a technical support queue.

We actually had another solution for Live help by another company which worked great, but once we rolled out IM to our enterprise we wanted a unified system and our previous application was proprietary and didn’‘t integrate with Jabber. We explored using a Web-Based Jabber IM client as well, but it wasn’'t nearly of a polished solution as fastpath was for us.