WildFire Log Extrator

We’'re creating “WildFire Log Extrator” for internal used and shared with everyone here:


  • Perl 5 and above

  • XML::Simple

  • Getopt::Std

  • Data::Dumper

Usage: perl jivelog.pl -c

Commands are sorted alphabetically:

-c extract Extract the chat and print out.

-c help For Help (this page)

This is a utility for extracting log from WildFire Jabber server developed by

Jive Software.

Please Make sure the log file is a valid XML file. You might wanna pipe(|) it

to a output file and use Excel for analysis.


perl jivelog.pl -c extract -u user1 jive.audit-20060706-002.log | more

Time From To Text

Jul 6, 2006 11:10:16 AM user1 at yourdomain dot com/Gaim user2 at yourdomain dot com/Psi hi! G morning!

Jul 6, 2006 11:10:35 AM user2 at yourdomain dot com/Psi user1 at yourdomain dot com/Gaim Good morning!How ar you?

Download this utility script at http://www.abamon.com/download/

#Note: Used on your own risk and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY;