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WildFire+Miranda - Two questions


WildFire 2.6.1, Miranda

Doesn’'t work file transfer.

It is possible to transfer a file to offline user?

Another question: how to send group message?

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It depends how is your Miranda setup. Are you sending direct peer to peer? If so, then you would not be able to send a file to an offline user, as they are not there to recieve it. If the client is set to send using the bitstream proxy server in WIldfire then I really dont know. looking at it, I see where it will store user info, but it doesn;t say whether it will store files for later transmission.


I didn’'t see an option in Miranda to send a group message. Maybe I missed it.

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File transfer doesn’'t work for offline users. What other problems are you experiencing with it?



Another question: how to send group message?

add contact groupname@broadcast.servername to your roster and then just send simple message as for general user.

I trying direct peer to peer – doesn’'t work.

After unchecking option “peer to peer” still doesn’'t work.

Do you have any more information, any error logs for Miranda? I am not at all familiar with it so I can’‘t really comment on what could be wrong, I don’‘t know what that setting that you unclicked did. You may also want to try contacting the Miranda people as they would likely be more familiar then I with how their file transfer works. If you get any more information from either them or error logs please don’'t hesitate to let me know and I will see if there is anything I can do.