Wildfire on Multiple Domains

My company wants to host jabber for multiple domains. So that a user from company3 can only register an account like user@jabber.company3.com, Is this possible.

Also, Once connected, I don’'t want user@jabber.company3.com to be able to add anyone from company4.com

Is this possible?

Ok I’'ve noticed in another thread, that it will support multiple domains, but returns the domain the server is registered to. Which is no good to me…

Has anyone run multiple Wildfire Servers on the Same OS? if so… is there a way to get the multiple servers to share the same Java VM?

Hey DJ-Kast,

Virtual domains support is planned for a future release. Meanwhile, there is no way to host more than one domain per JVM. You will need to run a Wildfire instance for each hosted domain. It is possible to have several Wildfire instances in the same machine but it will require some special setup. Each Wildfire instance will need to be listening to a different IP address (i.e. bind to a different address) and you will then need to create DNS SRV records for each Wildfire instance pointing to the right address. You can also try playing with the ports and instruct the DNS server to point to the correct port though this option may not be 100% XMPP compliant.


– Gato

Thanks for your reply, I can certainly do that…

Let me see if I understand you correctly.

If I setup another Wildfire server on the same box(different ports and such), will it open up its on separate JVM(eating up twice as much memory) ?

Hey DJ-Kast,

That is correct. Each JVM will have its own memory requirements. I think someone mentioned that Java 1.6 will let you share amongst different JVMs the memory used by classes. Anyway, memory required to keep instances in memory will still not be shared.


– Gato

Does anyone really tried? and shared with us the experience

Hi Gato,

I’'m interested in the Virtual domains feature, when is it planned to be implemented?



No news on this? I’‘d be interested in an issue tracker item so I can watch right there if something happens and maybe vote for it. But I haven’'t found one. Is there already an item for this or should it be created?


there is no issue so far. In my opinion there are still some not-yet implemented JEPs and some minor errors in the Wildfire code which should probably fixed first. To support virtual domains one may to change a lot of the existing code and probably the database design.

I assume that sooner or later one will sponsor the development of v-domain support and then it’'ll take some month to get implemented.