Wildfire or client issue?

First off: kudos to this project. I’'ll be following Wildfire and continue to provide feedback for this sweet product.

Here’‘s the question: changing the ordering and grouping of my contact is never saved. Is this because of Wildfire or the client I’'m using (Pandion)?

Server setup:

  • Mac Mini G4

  • OS X Server

  • MySQL (5.0.x)

  • Java 1.5.x

  • Latest Wildfire

  • Latest gateway.jar

  • Externally visible DNS

  • Port forwarding from router to this machine

Client setup:

  • Pandion, at work

  • Able to connect to my machine at home (via DNS) running the server

My contact list is a mix of all four transports. Moving people around, removing contacts and renaming contacts are never saved. Each time I launch Pandion, all the changes are gone.

Hey Stash,

Could you check for errors in the log files? Are you using shared groups? Changing the order of group members within a group is not supported by the server. So if you are doing that then it is up to the client to keep that info. Anyway, moving contacts to other groups or changing their nickname should work fine (unless you are using shared groups).


– Gato

The changes to transport based users and groups have to be propogated back to the respective system and I didn’'t think Daniel had that working yet.

Yeah, Daniel had some issues with accounts which got deleted maybe due to renaming.


PS: As the Gateway Plugin has its own forum one may want to post gateway related questions there.