Wildfire password

ok i just installed wildfire on a windows os

i clicked the launch admin stuff

went through it. i got to the admin console page

the user name was filled in with admin

i tried a blank password it didnt work, i tried admin password didnt work. i tried a couple of other things

what is the default password to allow me to get into the admin console?

i just uninstalled and then re-installed the software and logged on with password admin

it seems to be working at this time


I have the same problem with the password. Actually, I´m not sure how to configure Wildfire, when it asks for an e-mail for the administrator I don’'t know if i have to but my email address or create one with the domain for my future IM server.

I tried to unintalled and install again but it doesn’'t allow me to confired it again. What can I do?

Something else, o i have to have a domain server to install Wildfire? or a just can install it as any other program?

PLease I need guidance, I can´t find a thing in the home page of Jivesoftware and I have to present an IM server in two days…PLEASE SOME HELP ME!! write to me jesnowak@gmail.com

Thanks a lot!


you can install Wildfire everywhere, as far as I know even on your MacBook. You don’'t need to be an administrator to install and run it, to run it as a Windows service it may be necessary to be an administrator, depending on your policies.

If you want to run the installation procedure again then stop Wildfire, edit conf/wildfire.xml and change and start Wildfire.

The email address you enter may be everything, you can change it later using the Web Console. It could be jesnowak@gmail.com.


thanx a lot!!! working on this again… I’'ll be back with news pretty soon…


My wildfire works, but only with the users that I create. How can users remotely create my accounts.

Thanks a lot!

How can users remotely create my accounts.

The xmpp clients should be able to create accounts, unless you did not disable in-band account creation on page http://server:9090/reg-settings.jsp

There is also the Registration Plugin http://www.jivesoftware.org/wildfire/plugins.jsp which offers a web page for registration.