Wildfire per user inbound queue limit

Is there a hard (or theoretical) limit to the number of messages a particular user connected to wildfire can send?

that is, if im connected to wildfire and attempt to send 10k messages, what is the point that wildfire tells my client to stop sending messages until it has processed the buffered ones?



I ran some tests sometime ago involving many messages. I never saw any limit. Except when the JVM ran out of memory in the server. I had cases of 10K messages to 100K messages. The messages were small.

If the user is off-line and off-line messaging is enabled. Th emessages are stored up to a limit that can be set. Once the user logs in ALL of those messages are removed from off-line storage and queued to be sent. If the user logs off before all the messages are received, the others are discarded by the server.