Wildfire plugins, servlet, strange problem

I’‘ve successfully compiled my first plugin (just a small servlet that doesn’‘t do a whole lot). It’'s loaded by wildfire, and seems to work ok.

My only problem is that the url-pattern setup in my web-custom.xml seems to be being ignore. When I browse to http://localhost:9090/plugins/simpleplugin/ the output of the servlet is displayed inside the sitemesh (admin) look and feel. However, when I hit http://localhost:9090/plugins/simpleplugin/doit, I get nothing back (the url-pattern is /doit).

I need to figure out some way to either programattically disable this in code (changing the output for what I want to do isn’‘t acceptable – xml), or find out what I’'m doing wroing.

Is this because my tag is empty? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Ok, some additional detail. I added a plain old jsp page, and aded to the admin. That page now displays when I hit /plugins/simpleplugin/, I no longer get the servlet. But the servlet isn’'t available on /plugins/simpleplugin/doit either.

Ok, so I figured out why the servlet wasn’‘t working, duplicate entries in web-custom.xml and web.xml, so /plugins/simpleplugin/doit is running (yay!). But I still have the problem of the admin look and feel code being applied to my servlet’‘s xml output. Isn’'t there any way to turn this off programatically?


you could look at the Presence Service Plugin (src is included in wildfire_src.zip), the presence XML, image or text pages do not contain the admin body and do not require autorization.


PS: There is also a Wildfire Dev forum which is the much better place for like this.

Well, I figured this out. You have to output a content type other than text/html, then the sitemesh filters don’'t run against the content. Would be nice if there was some way to turn this off for text/html too, other than modifying the output.

So the simple servlet I have up and running as a proper plugin now is the JabberHTTPBind servlet.