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Wildfire required heartbeat


I´ve already posted this in the “30 minute disconect” post, but i´m afraid is becoming lost among the many post there and I think this answer is of interest to everybody.

Basically I need to know what kind of heartbeat is required for wildfire or the XMPP spec that the heartbeats fills in.

The client with wich i´m having problem with wildfire (jetty http://jeti.sourceforge.net/ ) already sends a whitespace every second as was standard for jabber clients. It was working nice with jive.



Well, let me say that i´ve tried now with spark and it also disconects after 30 minutes…seems like a bug to me, when even spark does it

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Hola jcorreia,

By default the server will close clients that haven’'t sent any data to the server in 30 minutes. By “sending data” the server means any packet sent to the server, whitespaces (out of the scope of packets) or LF characters (out of the scope of packets). If none of those things is received in 30 minutes then the server will close the connection.

However, it is possible to disable this feature by setting the system property xmpp.client.idle[/b] to -1 and restart the server. Or you can decrease or increase the idle timeout value by setting a different number of milliseconds in that system property.

Since Spark is also being disconnected then it may be that something else is closing the connection. Are you using a firewall? Is it possible that a firewall is closing the sockets?


– Gato

It was working ok with jive 2.2.0 and i didn´t touch a thing. So it must be wildfire…Do you want to see my logs ?

I didn´t understand very well…whitespaces aren´t any good to keep the connection open ?

Can it be any character, then ? Is there any XMPP spec so I can tell jetty developers ?

I´m getting a lot of errors in my logs, in admin-console too.

It goes from being unable to log in in the first try…usually 3 or 5 times due to a broken pipe ??

I´m posting this in another thread…

It´s getting very annoying to keep things in wildfire because of this logins attemps and disconects…Is there any problem to roll back to 2.3.0 ? I use mysql.


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