Wildfire RPM overwriting important files

Hi folk!

I upgraded to 2.6.0 (from 2.6.0 beta) using the distributed RPM and there’'s a couple of problems I observed, two with the RPM, one in general:

  1. The RPM overwrites /opt/wildfire/conf/wildfire.xml

This can be fixed by changing the SPEC file so that it has the directive %config before wildfire.xml in the %files section. This will cause RPM to only overwrite wildfire.xml if it has never been changed. If I recall correctly, this means that it will store the new wildfire.xml file as wildfire.xml.rpmnew in case the admin wants to compare the two or whatever. There’‘s also %config(noreplace). I can’'t recall if that one keeps a copy of the new file or not. One of them will move the current wildfire.xml out of the way and call it rpmold, one of them will keep the current wildfire.xml file and store the new one as wilddfire.xml.rpmnew. If you need me to research this and get back to you, I can. =)

  1. The RPM overwrites /opt/wildfire/resources/security/keystore (and truststore)

Same deal as above. I had custom certs and such installed and the RPM overwrote them.

  1. If wildfire can’'t read the keystore, it displays nothing on the ssl-settings.jsp screen

Both the display area and the sidebar menu are blank. The various SSL support is definitely automatically disabled, but it would be nice if ssl-settings.jsp could handle the problems better… perhaps a “your keystore is corrupt!” message. (even maybe an ability to overwrite/reconstruct it with the default one?)

Anyway, otherwise upgrade went quite well! Woot!


I think we’‘re going to need to switch to creating the RPM files manually. Right now we’'re using install4j and have very little control over how it deals with individual files. The jRPM might be something we can use (http://jrpm.sourceforge.net).

On #3 – thanks for the bug report. I filed JM-632 on this issue.



Matt made an issue for this, so closing.