Wildfire server 3.1.1 WIN server 2003 veritas backup 9.1

Hello all

I have a problem with a file called “wildfire.lck” . Veritas backup software 9.1 reports this file as corrupt and in doing so fails the backup of the schools server. Is it safe to delete this file or does anyone know a fix for it.

The wildfire server works fine with no errors in it self and the clients have no problems with it.

Thanks in advance


Hi Mat,

I assume that you are using the embedded database and the size of the file is 16 bytes.

The HSQLDB uses it to mark the database as running, so if one tries to start Wildfire a second time the database is locked and can not be opened and thus corrupted by another Wildfire process. If the server crashes this file will not be deleted, so during the Wildfire startup the database may detect that it did crash last time and repair itself.

Can you exclude the file from backup, this should be the much better option than deleting it?