Wildfire server auto upgrade without down time

Do we have a plan to implement such feature? It is a pain to do server upgrade every two month (or every month!). I have to admit that I like new features included with the new releases. I even don’'t know which one I prefer “more new features” or “longer uptime with less job upgrading”. So if we have auto upgrade feature that can do upgrade on the fly, that would be great.

I can’‘t see a way to upgrade completely on the fly, other than the plugins. However, we’'ve been brainstorming a way to make upgrades a lot easier. If Wildfire could automatically download the upgrade (once you ask it to), backup your existing install, then apply the upgrade the next time you restart, that would be a much easier process.



Yes, I understand that it would be very hard to do major upgrade on the fly. But there can be bug fixes and new features that do not require restarting server. The dev team can then release all the other major bug fixes and new features that require restarting server on regular basis like every 3 months (?). Just my humble advice.

thx again

Hi wmhtet,

I did also wonder if one could make a much smaller core and load plugins etc. on the fly. But also plugins are unloaded and reloaded - so they are not available for some seconds. So the sessions are lost also with the current implementation and keeping sessions is really a hard job.

Changing java code on the fly will be the much more easy issue, actually a lot of profilers do similar things using JVMTI while one may not use it here.


I have posted the question because I notice that WF releases are a bit frequent and when I read wroot’'s comment in the transcripts about uptime, I think that we need to do something about it. I think, one can live with the situation if it is for about 1000users concentrated in one region but it will be very hard for system admin to keep up with all the releases if one is going to use WF for 20000 user all over the world.

I have to say that my server has to run only from 8:30 to 17:30, so it’'s not really hard to find time for an upgrade. But this can be a PITA for the admins of 24/7 servers indeed.

I agree that it’'s hard to keep all the sessions up and make on the fly upgrade. But as it was mentioned, maybe some bugfixes doesnt require this? Not sure, but it sounds interesting to make update system, which will make small updates on the fly, and then release full version after some time. Something like JM-xxx.jar, which will be released after fix in source, downloaded, extracted, applied and so on. Though this could make all this updating stuff a bit complex too.

A hot hint:

Get the non-existing WildfireCluster software and update one server after the other. The non-existing ClusterReadyConnection Managers will do the session take-over for you, so you can update your Wildfire servers whenever you like to.


Hopefully we wll have that “non-existing WildfireCluster software” one day. I don’'t find it in roadmap for WF or WF-ENT yet. The dev team said that it will be comming tho.