Wildfire Server Down!

I deployed Wildfire with the Soapbox client in a school district in August. The program has worked flawlessly until now.

I am running it on the latest Enterprise RedHat.

When it went down, I restarted the server, everything else came up (Apache, SquirrelMail, etc) but wildfire was down. When I went to the administration panel, it was wanting to take me back through the setup process, however when it gets to the database setup page (I use an embedded database) it generates an error and will not go any further, letting me know that it is a problem with whatever service is running the database. Would this be Java? How can I fix this?

New problem:

Suddenly, the configuration is going through the database selection without an error, but once you make it to the end of setup, it sends you through it again.


which java version are you using?

Which user starts Wildfire?

Are the file permissions right or is it possible that root owns the Wildfire directories and files?

I could imagine that it did run as root previously.


I just had this same problem, and it was because I started wildfire with my common user account. When I stopped it, then started it as root, the problem went away. It does appear as a permissions problem not being able to write to wildfire.xml config file.