Wildfire service not licking the SQL server to be rebooted

Last night I performed maintenance on my MS SQL server. The MS SQL server is on a different server than the actual Wildfire service. The Wildfire service was running while I rebooted the MS SQL server. The next morning useres could not acces the Wildfire server, or, they could, however, they could see their contact list. I tried to restart the Wildfire service and that didn’'t work either. I had to reboot the server. So, do I need to stop the Wildfire service before rebooting the MS SQL server to void this?

Are you using MS SQL as your Wildfire DB?

I’'m not entirely sure how the DB Layer in Wildfire is coded but interruption in connectivity between the two would seem to be a possible issue causing action.

I’‘m thinking that if I just stop the Wildfire service before brining the db server down it should be fine. I have many other apps that work just fine if the MS SQL server gets rebooted. I’‘ll just have to remember to stop the Wildfire service first. I have a shutdown batch file. I’'ll modify the shutdown bath file and startup batch file to stop and start the Wildfire service accordingly.

Has anyone else run into this?

Plenty of apps don’‘t have persistent connections that require constant DB interaction. I’‘ve no idea what apps you are referring, but i have some apps that I can restart the SQL services and end users don’'t notice a difference; unless they were actively trying to pull data from the SQL server as it was restarting.

Wildfire would seem to be polling the DB consistently to keep up with different backend interfaces. s2s, user connectivity, message packets, etc. I’'d think any DB interruption would possibly cause issues in Wildfire or any persistent connective Application or Service.

It may not be completely necessary but shutting down Wildfire prior to an SQL service restart would be suggestive, if you are seeing issues.

I agree. I just modified my shutdown batch file that remotely stops the Wildfire services prior to the SQL server rebooting. When the SQL server reboots it then restarts the Wildfire service. This should work just fine.