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Wildfire Support for Dialback?

Google Talk just announced joining the XMPP Federation (yay) with the stipulation that they require support for Dialback (http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc3920.txt). It seems to be working with the one contact I have tried so far.

Are there any issues that might come up? Is it just a fluke that I got one contact through? Is everyone else finding that we can or cannot talk to Google Talk users?

Oh, maybe it isn’‘t working. Either way, I’'d like to know how much success other people have with Google Talk.

Am I going to have to allow additional ports or what?

We’'ve been testing throughout the day. It seems to be working perfectly now. So, yay Google Talk!!



I did finally get a chance to try with various clients and servers and all that good fun and other then possibly a local network error earlier, it has been pretty good.

Now if only the xmpp clients would support all the “fancy” features like file transfers, voice, and video…