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Wildfire - timezones and daylight saving

Where does Spark and Wildfire get the time from ?

Now that Western Australia has daylight saving our time is one hour forward from the timezone (+8)

I have tried setting the wildfire timezone to +9, but the spark clients are still 1 hour behind.

The time on the PC’'s (windows XP) and the server (windows 2003) is correct and both have had

Microsoft patches applied to take into account daylight saving.

Any ideas.???

It seems that Wildfire and Spark are not getting the time from the OS.


I was also wondering this. Time on our server seems correct, yet wildfire and spark think it’‘s 3:59AM (it’'s 8:11pm). Should I not be setting the timezone? It seems as if this is actually ± server time - not GMT?


Did you ever get an answer to your question? Our spark clients are 1 hour behind but gaim clients shows the correct time. I’‘m wondering if it’'s spark issue or server issue.




I expect that Spark and Wildfire get their time information from Java which gets it form the OS. If the java layer has a problem reading the registry or understanding the OS settings one may get the wrong time within the java application.

See http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=23515 if you want to fix this within Spark.