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Wildfire Upgrade Question

I have been using and upgrading Wildfire since it was Jive Messenger 1.0. I have never noticed any upgrade instructions in the docs. I am about to upgrade from version 2.5.1 to version 2.6.2 and I am wondering if there are any special instructions besides my normal routine:

copy plugin jar from old to new

copy wildfire.xml from old to new

copy wildfire-service.exe.vmoptions from old to new

install service and run

I am using SQL server backend. I noticed that in the \resources\database\upgrade\ folder there are folders labeled 1-8. Do I need to do anything with these? What about the nativeAuth or other folders?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

I have been using wildfire for a bit and really rate it highly. But one area it lacks is good documentation.

In your case, I think, you need to look at the database table JIVEVERSION of your existing version, look at the minor version column (should be 5 I think for 2.5.1) and then sequentially run all the database upgrade SQL files for your databse in the directories from the next highest version to the last. So in my case of MySQL I ran their upgrade files in 6,7 and 8 directories.

BTW - another annoying lack of documentation is for all the system properties. I think that issue is in the bugs system but has not be actioned yet.

Agreed about the difficulties with documentation, any volunteers

Also with plugins you should check details to make sure its forwards compatible, there may be a more recent versions of your plugins for newer versions of wildfire.

As always, take a backup of db and your current installation!

Hope that helps,