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Wildfire with PostgreSQL: Making Wildfire wait for the db server?


I’‘m wondering if it’'s possible to delay Wildfire startup (Fedora Core 4) until the database server is up (PostgreSQL), or at least wait a predefined amount of time.

I have both Wildfire and Postgre on separate virtual servers, and I have no control over which one starts up first (in my case, the one holding Wildfire), so when the physical server reboots, I have to go and restart the Wildfire daemon because it can’‘t connect to the database if it’'s not up before Wildfire.

So it would be nice if Wildfire kept trying to connect to the db server until it succeded, and meanwhile I need the workaround I describe.

Is it possible?


Ivan V.

Turns out I do have control over which VM starts first… Heh…


currently Wifi retires the initial database connect three times (hardcoded). Maybe this value should be configurable (-1 = infinity).