Wildfire.xml ownership changes every reboot

Running Wildfire 2.6.2 on Ubuntu 6.06 Server. Every time the server is rebooted, wildfire.xml gets changed such that “root” is the owner instead of the “wildfire” user. So when wildfire tries to run, it throws errors that wildfire.xml isn’'t writable.

I probably did something wrong in how I setup wildfire to start at bootup, but I don’'t know what would cause this.


if you do a"ps|grep ildifre" you should see the user which is running Wildfire and it should be your wildfire user and not root.

I assume you are using a simple /etc/rc.d/init.d/wildfired script which runs as root and contains a switch user.


Thanks. That seemed to be the problem. Although I don’‘t know enough about linux to really make it correct, I did alter the wildfired script so everything seems to work just fine now. The wildfired script now invokes “chown” on the wildfire.xml file to set the correct owner. Kind of a band-aid solution but it’'s good enough.

Strange. This is how it works for me:

I have downloaded and extracted wildfire to /opt/wildfire with root. Then i have created user jive and chowned /opt/wildfire recursively to jive user. Then i have copied wildfired to a /etc/rc.d (no init.d in my distro) with root, so it is owned by root, and changed it to executable mode. Wildfired daemon contains line

export WILDFIRE_USER=jive

so when my system starts up this daemon creates a session with jive user and starts wildfire. No ownership changes or problems. Should work the same in all linux distros, imho.