Will MUC bring great pressure to server?

According to the Help Document about Hardware Recommendations item,

supposed I have 10,000 cocurrent users, and I have 30 MUC rooms, each room has 100 to 300 active participant in total.

Then, will these rooms add too much pressure to server compared with no MUC applied to this openfire server?

in other words, I wanna make it clear how many extra server abilities will be taken by MUC applied.

eg. supposed 1000 cocurrent users online, and the users only use point2point chat fuction. --------> 35% of server abilities are used

if 1000 cocurrent users and 70% of them joined in a 700-participant-room as a MUC function -------> how many server abilities will be used?


anyone has got a practical caculation about this???

many thx …


It is very hard to provide some sort of equation for server utilization based on rough numbers. As it stands now, 1 user could DOS a server if they wanted to, while the same server could handle 10s of thousands of users if they ‘behave’. I suspect that a beefy machine would have no issues handling what you describe, but you should simulate your usage pattern in a developmental setup to see if any issues shake out.



There are no posted numbers for such a senerio. That said how is several hundred users chatting in MUC any more intensive that several hundred users chatting individually. If anything individual threads would be more intensive because they are going to require separate resources for each thread.