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Will OpenFire reinstall or update automatically?

hi All,

I used to find that, in the Control Panel, Program and Features, the installation date of OpenFire will be changed, as if it automatically updated itself. However, the version no was still the same, it was not updated. Why the installation date used to change?


Openfire doesn’t have automatic update option. I would say this is some Windows glitch. Like, when i updated my work laptop to 20H2 version half of the apps changed their install date to the day of the update, although they haven’t installed new versions. I suppose this can happen to some random app.

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I also think that the Openfire does not have an automatic update option which is kind of disappointing.

If you’re using a package manager, it’s easily automatable. Most server administrators wouldn’t want that capability enabled since (1) that’s unscheduled downtime to their XMPP server (2) you have no opportunity to review the version being upgraded to.

That being said, if someone wants the feature, they could offer a PR with the ability to configure it on/off? Given the Java + libs nature of Openfire, it may be non-trivial to implement.