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Willing To Tackle Clustering

Hi All,

I have a project where clusterin would be important to us. We(my team) have become very familiar with ZooKeeper(hadoop.apache.org/zookeeper).

I beleive I could recreate the clustering plugin using ZooKeeper. However, I would need a little hand holding to get the ball rolling. I have written other Openfire plugins and am familiar. I would just need to know what interfaces need to be implimentedf and how do they need to be registered.

Thoughts on this, any thoughs on using ZooKeeper as the solution?


Also, it is hard to tell, in clustering mode does openfire assume a shared database or seperate database.

This is more a topic for the Dev forum, or maybe the Contributors group, when you’ll have something to contribute/test, and if you’ll be willing to contribute Btw, what other plugins have you created? Were they released publicly?

If you won’t get the answer soon, i suggest you to try to contact @Gato via private message or email.

As far as this plugin goes, I would be willing to contribute. Our other plugins a proprietary, but the short is some load balanced services and advanced message routing. Over to the Dev forum I go…


I would be interested in helping dev a Clustering solution using Zookeeper as well. Let me know.



Any traction here? I wonder also about Tigase. It seems Tigase has some things Openfire no longer has and vice-versa. Perhaps some collaboration is in order. If these two projects were to collaborate or merge, the resulting product might just end up being a very impressive product.

Re: Tigase. I don’t see this as being as offering as many plugin features as Openfire. Is that true? What benefit would this provide?

Re: Clustering. So far I’m up for volunteering for the effort, and don’t think it’s that hard (famous last words) to get the basic model functional. I just don’t want to be the only one spending my hours developing it. There was some talk about the Igniterealtime Openfire road map showing making clustering easier to install, e.g. listed under “Version 3.6.x, Q2 2008 - Q3 2008”. Thinking that they were somehow opening this up, it made sense to wait. I’m not so plugged in with the dev scene, maybe someone who is can comment?

Have you talked with the developer of Tigase to see what he thinks?


I haven’t. Since Openfire and Tigase are the remaining open source Java projects now that Sun has taken care of Jabber, it just seems to make logical sense. I haven’t done anything with Tigase myself other than general awareness of the project that we all have.

What do you mean by Sun? There are more open source servers, at least ejabberd. http://xmpp.org/software/servers.shtml


It may be nice for Oracle to add it to their product suite. One may wonder when they accuire Jivesoftware to have also a forum (;