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Win Server Crash [ include non-existent username ] BUG?

This has happened to me twice now, so I know this is the cause. I have a OpenFire installed on a Win2k3 server using the embedded DB and it pulls user information from Active Directory. All IM users must be part of the AD group “IM_Users” and then group membership is taken from other AD group with the pattern “IM_”. When I miss putting a user in that group BUT I add them to one of the other AD IM_* groups. I get a bunch of these errors in the error.log "2009.09.24 17:27:19 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.roster.Roster.(Roster.java:179)] Groups ([IM_]) include non-existent username (username)” AND this will crash the server. The Windows portions still seems to run but I can’t just restart OpenFire to make it work again. I have to restart the entire server.

This is completely my fault that I forgot to put the user in the correct groups, but it shouldn’t require the server to be restarted. Maybe it’s something to do with AD as whenever it happens I start getting “User Login Failed. PLAIN authentication failed” in my info.log until I restart it. Just a thought. Maybe I just need to change the connection options to AD? Any recommendations or similar findings?

Other than my own stupidity , it’s been working great. YAY OPENFIRE!!!


Hard to tell what’s happening there and is it really a bug or something wrong with your configuration. I agree that server shouldnt crash because of that. I have filed this as a task with a minor status for someone to investigate. No guarantees when and whether it will be looked in. OF-68


Is this still an issue for you? Openfire 3.8.1 has some group related fixes that may have accounted for this? I am going to close the ticket for now unless you have some new info.



I have been just restarting the server automatically every night and it seems to not crash if I do that. BUT, I’ve not stopped that restarting after a few updates; so, it may have already been fixed and I just hadn’t realized it yet. You may close this; thanks for keeping up with it.