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Window focus

If I have Spark client running and I am in the middle of typing something (e-mail for example) and someone sends me an IM it shows up in the taskbar and flashes indicating someone has sent me an IM but I lose focus of the window I am typing in and then I have to click back to it in order to finish what I am typing. Is it suppose to behave this way? I was thinking it should just minimize and flash at me as it does but not steal the focus away.

I’'ve verified that this is a bug – looks like this has already been filed as SPARK-98.

it doesn’'t work, i have installed SPARK 1.0.2.

Hi All,

I cannot reproduce this issue. Call out to the community! Anyone repro this in 1.0.2?



I just tested this using 1.0.2 and cannot reproduce this either…seems to work for me.

It may be an OS specific problem… what are you using XP, 2000, what?