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Windows 10 not showing contact list

I have a windows 10 machine that has been added to the network. The user can open the program, but there are no contacts listed. It doesn’t seem to see the contacts that the windows 7 machines do. What can I do to correct this? We are still using roaming profiles if that helps.


I have moved this to Spark Support. I suppose you are using Spark? So you are logging in with the same user on both Win7 and Win10 and only Win7 gets contacts? Do you use shared groups or manually add contacts?

We are using spark that is correct. Sorry for not including that in the initial post. We have shared groups and we are running spark v.2.7.3

I haven’t seen such issue and can’t reproduce it on my test box. Then again, i’m not using roaming profiles. Can you try logging in with this user on a PC without roaming profile? You can also check the logs.

Error Logs:
There is a bunch of files, look through all of them and select events that correlate with the time of your issue.

I looked through the logs. This is my fault for not paying attention. They user added the name of the old server that spark was running on. That made it point to the old server and therefore there were no contacts active on that server. I have corrected the issue. I do apologize for wasting your time. I also want to thank you for your assistance.

That’s not a problem :wink: Glad your issue is resolved.